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How can we customize the Name Composite Control?

Dynamics CRM 2013 has introduced a new type of control called Composite Controls. These controls are actually a concatenation of multiple fields; but displayed through a fly-out that opens when a Composite control is clicked on in the form.

Note: Composite Controls are ONLY associated with Name and Address fields so far; and Dynamics CRM 2013 does not allow to add custom composite controls. The Name and Address composite controls too cannot be added to any custom entities.

The Name composite control is ONLY available for Contact and Lead entities and is NOT available for User entity. 

By default, Full Name composite control is comprised of First Name and Last Name only. The Name flyout only shows First Name and Last Name fields only.

FullName Flyout

 Note: Clicking on Done button or simply clicking off the fly-out menu after editing the flyout updates the Full Name in the UI but does not save the changes to database. Click on Save icon to save the changes.

How to include the Middle Name to the Name flyout?

Navigate to Settings | Administration | System Settings. Modify the Name Format to an option having Middle Initial included.

FullName with Middle Name

Now check the Name flyout again.

FullName Flyout with Middle Name

Can we modify the order in which First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name fields appear in the Name flyout control?

No, we cannot. Irrespective of Name Format setting the flyout control would display in the following order: First Name, Middle Initial (if included into Name format), Last Name.

Can we modify the flyout control field labels e.g. rename Last Name to Family Name?

Yes, change the Display Name of Last Name field to Family Name. Then publish the changes. The flyout control would be automatically updated to show the new display name of the field.

FullName Flyout with Label Change

How to make First Name mandatory in the flyout?

We can achieve this in two ways:

  1. Modify the field properties and mark the First Name field as Business Required. The flyout control would be automatically updated.
  2. Write a Business Rule make the First Name field Business Required.

FullName with First Name Mandatory

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