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Dynamics CRM creates contact records for emails sent by a CRM user to a CRM queue when Automatic Case creation Rules are enabled for the queue!

Recently I was trying out the new features introduced by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring ’14 release. I setup a public queue (called Support Queue) for tracking support tickets.

Support Queue Definition


Thereafter created a mailbox for the Queue with Server-side synchronization for both Incoming and Outgoing emails using my Office 365 Exchange Online.

Support Queue Mailbox

With these steps, my Support Queue was now ready for tracking support emails coming from Sales and Marketing executives (who are also CRM users for Salesforce and marketing features). Let us assume that Joe Bloggs is a Sales rep with email address ( and has access to the CRM system.

Now Joe Bloggs send an email (Subject: Cannot connect to Printer) to our Support Queue email address ( I could trace the email as Delivered in my Exchange Server.

Exchange Message Trace Result 1

Then I checked the CRM system and found that the email has been created as Joe Bloggs as sender and the email is assigned to the Support Queue as well. So far so good!

Email with User Record as Sender

Now I wanted to test the Automatic Case creation feature. I created an Automatic Case creation rule for my Support Queue and activated the rule. Our intention here is to create an automatic support case when an email arrives to the Support Queue.

Auto Case creation Rule Definition

Then Joe Bloggs sends another email (subject : Laptop keyboard malfunction) to the support queue email address. I was able to trace this email too in my Exchange Server tracelog as Delivered.

Exchange Message Trace Result 2

Now when in CRM, I traced the email record which got created by the server-side synchronisation. To my surprise, I noticed that CRM did not resolve Joe Bloggs email address to a CRM user (as it did in the previous scenario); rather has created a new Contact in the system.

Email with Contact Record as Sender

Hence, a same Support queue cannot be used to track support requests from both internal (CRM users) and external (contacts and accounts) support users. Queues having Automatic Case creation rule should only be usedto track emails coming from either a contact or an account to that Queue. Emails coming to such a queue from a CRM user or any other CRM queue could result in automatic contact record creation!!

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3 Comments on Dynamics CRM creates contact records for emails sent by a CRM user to a CRM queue when Automatic Case creation Rules are enabled for the queue!

  1. Great article, and thanks for sharing this info/gotcha! More power!

  2. Great article

  3. Hi Dip,
    Do you know what is the functionality behind setting the Appointments, Contacts and tasks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook option in the synchronisation methods settings.

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