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Entitlement terms are not validated for Change in Case Origin

Entitlement is a new feature introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013’s spring release. I wanted to outline couple of the behaviors I have notice around this feature.

Observation 1

If we wish to restrict applicability of an Entitlement to cases originating from specific channels only then we must add the remaining channels with Total Term as “0”.

Let us take an example, if we want to define a Premier Support Entitlement to support only those cases which have originated from either an email or a phone call from customer; we must add the remaining channels e.g. Web in the Entitlement Lines with Total Term as “0”. Otherwise, CRM would allow to log a case using the Premier Support entitlement for the customer with Origin of the case as Web. 

Entitlement with Channel Terms 0

Observation 2

During the creation of the case, if an Entitlement is linked to the case, CRM validates the Contact, Product and Origin against the definition of the Entitlement and blocks the usage of an entitlement which is inapplicable in the scenario.

However, after creating a case with valid Contact, Product and Origin if the Contact or the Product is modified then CRM revalidates the applicability of the Entitlement. But if the Case Origin is modified the validation does not run and entitlement terms gets deducted even if the Entitlement is not applicable for the new Channel.

For example, let us create a case with Origin Phone for the Customer Fabrikam Inc. with the above shown Premier Support Entitlement which can be applied only for cases originating from Email or Phone Calls.

Case with Valid Channel

But we can change the Origin to a channel like Web which is clearly does not have any entitlement terms as per the Entitlement.

Case with Invalid Channel

In my opinion, this is a loophole. Service reps can create cases using entitlements for unsupported channels just by changing the Origin field after the case creation.

The entitlement definition would should negative terms for the invalid channel. Clearly the Remaining terms and Total Terms of an Entitlement Line has not validation, even if the Restrict based on Entitlement Terms field is set as Yes in the entitlement definition.

Entitlement with Invalid Channel Terms

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