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Admin action required: Approve update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015!

If you are an Administrator of a Dynamics CRM 2013 Online instance, you may have received an email from Microsoft with the subject as “Scheduled update: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 is coming soon“.

Upgrade to CRM 2015 x01

What is this email about?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online has been released by Microsoft. and Microsoft has started the process of on-boarding all its cloud CRM tenants to the latest version. This email is asking CRM administrators to either Approve the automatically scheduled date for the upgrade or choose from a set of available dates.

If you are not much sure what is it about and what to do now, you can read this article from Microsoft: Get ready for the next release

You may see a notification when you log on to the CRM online instance. When you click Manage Updates, it would take you to the CRM Online Administration Center.

Upgrade to CRM 2015 x04

How to prepare for updates

“Microsoft recommends to preview and test the new version of Dynamics CRM in a non-production environment before you update your live production instances.This will give you the opportunity to verify the compatibility of any customizations that you may have made, or any third-party customizations that are installed. Additionally, testing will also allow you to assess the impact of the upcoming changes on your organization and your users.”

Find here: How to get access to a testing environment (sandbox instance)

See here: What’s new in CRM 2015

You can find here CRM admin top links

How to approve the upgrade?

Click on the link provided in the email or alternatively login to CRM Online Administration Center. You would be able to find a notification message there.

To approve the update, click on the Approve Update button.

Upgrade to CRM 2015 x02


How to reschedule the upgrade?

In the above screen, click on the Manage Updates link. In the next scree, choose a Preferred Date and an Alternative date for the upgrade.

Upgrade to CRM 2015 x03



Notification emails

Microsoft email states that “You will receive reminders about this update 90, 30, 15, and 7 days before the update begins.

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