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XperiDo : Powerful Document Automation toll for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With my experience, a lot of my customer does need professional document generation capability around Quoting, Invoicing or any other customer deliverable and the native MailMerge fall short of providing adequate features of getting a professional document generated from Dynamics CRM. Xperido is a serverside automated document genberation plugin for Dynamics CRM and is far more professional document automation tool than Dynamics CRM’s native MailMerge templates and easier to configure and use.

XperiDo works with

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015/Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013
  • Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013

XperiDo Key Features:

  • Generate a professional document template with few clicks for end users and little or no coding for template designers and system administrators.
  • XperiDo supports all common output formats for documents (pdf, xps, docx, doc, rtf, odt, html, epub).
  • Documents can be collated into one larger document, or printed separately. They can be composed dynamically out of reusable header, footer, body and insert segments.
  • XperiDo can automatically create letter or task activities or notes with document attachments inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • XperiDo integrates out-of-the-box with Microsoft SharePoint to store your generated documents in preset document locations. The system automatically creates subdirectories for your documents and creates metadata.
  • The Premium and Ultimate Editions of XperiDo accommodate any custom document output and delivery scenario via custom scripting. It only takes a few lines of extra code to store generated documents on a custom save location, send them to an external print shop or package them with additional items.
  • Optionally, templates can contain placeholders for electronic signatures, which are often needed in legally binding documents. These documents can be signed off on a PC or mobile device. XperiDo integrates with the leading DocuSign® Digital Transaction Management Platform™ to process and monitor the digital transactions end to end.
  • XperiDo processes document requests asynchronously, which makes it a perfect platform for batch document generation as well as on demand creation. The Ultimate Edition of XperiDo provides for horizontal server scaling with automatic load balancing to cope with high volumes.

Xperido Components

Xperido for Dynamics CRM got three components:

  • A server component which contains all the business logic to manage and monitor the document generation process. Its central repository stores all data set definitions, templates and assets.
  • A managed solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which provides an XperiDo end user and administrator interface within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, security roles to set access authorizations and an optional workflow assembly to generate documents as part of a background process.
  • A template design add-in for Microsoft Word which extends our familiar word processor with all the features is needed to design rich document templates.

Available XperiDo Editions

  • Express Edition (Standard with a 1,000 documents/month limit)
  • Standard Edition
  • Premium Edition (Standard with code extensions, support for DEV-UAT-PROD promotion, promotion across multiple servers)
  • Ultimate Edition (Premium with multiple PROD server support with load balancing)

The Premium and Ultimate Editions of XperiDo contain a Development Studio and Administrator Console client to access the server component.

Xperido Managed Solution for Dynamics CRM can be downloaded from here and a trial XperiDo server component can be created on cloud.

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