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MB2: 707 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration

MB2-707I recently passed MB2:707 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Customization and Configuration certification. I thought to put together some preparation points for anyone planning to take the same exam.

Word of Caution: DO NOT follow any test dump as most of them aren’t of any use.

Prepare yourself around some of the following topics. I do not claim that these are sufficient to pass, nevertherless these are important.

1. Managed & Unmanaged Solutions

a. Merging Solution components

b. Solution component dependencies while installing or uninstalling managed/unmanaged solutions

c. Solution Publisher

2. Business Process Flows

a. Branching

b. Enabling Security roles

c. Multi-entity Business Process flow

d. Enabling Business Process flow for an entity

3. Business Rules

a. Components of Business Rule. Mandatory and Optional components

b. Scope of Business Rule

4. Entity Customization

a. Entity attributes that cannot be updated after entity is created

b.Entity attributes that cannot be disabled once enabled

c. Enabling entity for Tablets

d. Role based forms

e. System View customization

f. Personal Views sharing

g. Charts export/import and sharing

5. Dashboards

a. Components of a dashboard

b. Dashboard sharing

c. Setting default dashboard

Calculated and Rollup fields

a. What type of fields can be included in calculated and rollup fields

b. Frequency of rollup calculation

I haven’t been tested on questions around Plugins, Custom Workflow Activities & CRM SDK in general. Hope this helps!




About Dipankar Bhattacharya (59 Articles)
A multi-skilled Dynamics 365 Professional with strong experience in delivering IT projects especially across multiple industries. A Microsoft technology evangelist, a regular speaker at tech events, blogger and avid reader. Certified IT Architect and well versed in Solution Architecture of Business Applications using Microsoft platforms like Dynamics 365, Azure and Office 365.

1 Comment on MB2: 707 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration

  1. David Mochrie // May 20, 2015 at 4:43 PM // Reply

    Thanks for that Dipankar. I found that the CRM 2015 certification was very similar to the CRM 2013. With the exception of roll up and calculated fields, there was not much new to know. I learned that 1 topic and passed the exam. So, my advice is primarily to know CRM 2013, and you’ll get most of the way through the 2015 cert.

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