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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Unified Service Desk (USD) using intelli-CTi

Unified Service Desk (USD) for Dynamics CRM does not ship any Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) connectors out-of-the box. However, almost all contact centers uses Phone as their main channel and even with the growing use of social media, phone continues to be the preferred channel for customer service.

Modern call centers within an organisation operates from different locations and even from different geographies often running multiple different telephony systems. Computer Telephony Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Unified Service Desk (USD) is a necessity for completing the call center application automation and improving the efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In this post, I’ll delve into an add-on product for telephony integration with USD. My choice for achieving this is QGate’s intelli-CTIiconnector. intelli-CTi offers a thin browser-based integration with Dynamics CRM web application too. However, here I want to discuss the USD connector for intelli-CTI.

The benefits:

  • Streamlined telephony activity within business.
    • Support of a wide range of telephone switches, see the QGate Phone System Compatibility List for details
    • Support for standard telephony interfaces, such as TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA, MiTAI and OAI  including Voice Over IP (VOIP).
  • Increased telephone call efficiency and throughput
    • Personalized telephone interaction – identifying callers automatically
    • Inbound and outbound single action call handling
    • In-call note capture capability.
    • all history and missed call logging
  • Reduced development costs with ease of deployment and implementation
  • Support for multiple sites with different telephone systems
  • Compatible with Citrix/Terminal Server
  • Call Center Operational Dashboard

intelli-CTI Dashboard


The System Requirements for intelli-CTi can be found here.

Free TrialA 30-day trial license can be requested from here.



intelli-CTi connected to Unified Service Desk (USD)

Configuration of intelli-CTi components in CRM server

  • Provision a Dynamics CRM 2015 Online/On-premises environment.
  • Install USD server components in the CRM server.


  •   Go to the “…\Application Support\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRM Server\CRM Customizations” of the intelli-CTi package and import the “intelli-CTi customizations – v1.7 (CRM 2013 and above)” managed CRM solution to your CRM system.

intelli-CTI Managed Solution

  •  Assign the “intelli-CTi User” security role to the set of users who would be using intelli-CTi system along with USD.

Security Role

  •  Then navigate “Settings | Unified Service Desk | Hosted Controls” in your CRM and then create a new Hosted Control with the following details:

Name: QGate USD
Display Name: QGate integration for Unified Service Desk
USD Component Type: USD Hosted Control
Application is Global: <Ticked>
Display Group: <Blank>
Assembly URI: QGate.USD.Host
Assemply Type: QGate.USD.USDHostControl

QGate USD Hosted Control

This completes the server side installation for intelli-CTi.

Client side configurations

  • Follow the next step in every client machine running USD. Navigate to “….\Application Support\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Unified Service Desk (USD)” and copy the “QGate.USD.Host.dll” and paste it to the USD installation folder in the client machine (typically, “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD\USD“).
  • Install the intelli-CTi Client Application – Run the application found in:”…\Setup\intelli-CTi for Dynamics CRM – Client Setup.exe“. This will install QGate Breeze (the desktop framework that intelli-CTi runs within) and the intelli-CTi application. It will also install a phone switch simulator (VTS – Virtual Telephony Server) that will allow you to simulate inbound and outbound calls without being tied to a real phone system.
  • Then go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\QGate Software\Breeze” and run QGate.Breeze.exe.
  • Select the “Unified Service Desk” under Chosen CRM Client Integration.

QGate CRM Client

  •  Then click on the ellipsis () in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Connection section.
  • This bring up Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Connections popup. Click on Add button on the left hand bottom side.
  • This brings up Add New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Connections pop up. Furnish the requested details.

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  •  Click on the Test Connection… and provide the authentication details for your CRM instance and click on Connect.

CRM Authentication

  •  Click on OK in the Add New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Connections UI.
  • Finally, click on Close in the Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Connections UI.
  • Select the added CRM instance under the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Connection and then provide login details. Thereafter, click on Test Connection to check the connection.

QGate Integration

  •  Click on Save.

Testing intelli-CTi with USD using the Virtual Telephony Server

  • Launch the USD.
  • Then open the QGate Virtual Telephony Server. Click on Inbound >>> and then type the phone number in the CLI. Finally click on Simulate button.

Virtual Server Simulator

  •  The call will land on the intelli-CTi Call Manager and a phone bell will rang.
  • Accept the call using the Accept button and then Select Caller from the caller list.

intelli-CTi Call Manager

  •  This will start the customer session in the USD.

USD with intelli-CTi

  •  When the call finishes, click to the Call Disconnect button in the intelli-CTi Call Manager.
  • A Call Wrap up UI comes up where final notes can be completed and Follow-ups can also be created.

Call Wrapup


About Dipankar Bhattacharya

Dipankar is a CITA-F, ITIL certified professional specializing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Cloud Computing. He is a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist and Architect and have been working in the field of CRM for enterprise customers across the globe.


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  1. nice blog post 🙂 on CTI with USD ..

    Posted by Parthiban | April 28, 2015, 9:59 AM


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