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Codeless Data Migration to Dynamics CRM using KingswaySoft

Data Migration or Data Integration is a very common task in most of the Dynamics CRM deployments. Data migration often becomes complex with the following:

  • The diversity of data and systems
  • Data integrity
  • Time-consuming for large data set
  • The complexity and intricacy when working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM web service interfaces

Data quality is often very key to user adoption and lack of it can make the system unusable. The bigger question has always remained,

what tool should we use for quick data migration?

At the very broad level, there are two different approaches available for data migration/integration with Dynamics CRM, namely –

  • Leverage existing technologies and tools
  1. Dynamics CRM Import Wizard
  2. Extract – Transform – Load (ETL) tools
    • Sql Server Integration Services
    • Informatica
    • Scribe
    • Connectors for Dynamics CRM shipped by Microsoft
  3. BizTalk/Service Bus
  4. Other tool…
  • Write your own tool


In this post I’d discuss Data KingswaySoftMigration using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). SSIS does not ship any connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and for this purpose I’d recommend KingswaySoft connector.


Free Trial

Download the KingwaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics CRM from here.



KingswaySoft offers a FREE DEVELOPER LICENSE. Under the developer license, one can use the software within development environment (Visual Studio, or BIDS – Business Intelligence Development Studio) for free for as long as one wants.

If you wish to run the SSIS package from SQL Server then you need license key for KingswaySoft. Details about licensing can be found here.

Software Pre-requisites

The software pre-requisites to run KingswafSoft connector are following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, or 2005
  • .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
  • Windows Identity Foundation (Only required when working with CRM Online or federated environment)

Below is a step-by-step process of using KingswafSoft connector to migrate data to Dynamics CRM:

Step 1: Get your environment ready

  1. Download “Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio” from Microsoft download site.
  2. Install the SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence.
  3. Download the KingswaySoft connector installer from here.
  4. Install the KingswaySoft connector as described here.

Step 2: Creating Connections

  1. Open Visual Studio and start a New Project.
  2. Select “Integration Services” project template.

SSIS project

3. Here, I’ll discuss data migration from a SQL Server database to Dynamics CRM Online instance.

4. The first thing is to create Connection Managers for both SQL Server and CRM Online.

Create Connection Manager for SQL Server

a. Right Click on the Connection Manager‘s area and Select “New ADO.NET Connection“.

Connection Manager - ADO.NET


b. In the Configure ADO.NET Connection Manager pop-up, click on New and in the Connection Manager screen provide          the following details:

       1. Server Name

2. Credentials to login to server

3. Select the database or attach a database

SQL Connection

c. Now alternatively we can rename the connection to a more friendly name like “Contoso DB“.

SQL Connection Rename

Create a connection manager for Dynamics CRM

a. Right Click on the Connection Manager‘s area and Select “New  Connection” and in the Add SSIS Connection Manager screen select DynamicsCRM.

CRM Connection

b. Provide the following details in the CRM Connection Manager pop-up.

CRM Connection Manager


c. Now alternatively we can rename the connection to a more friendly name like “Dynamics CRM“.

Step 3: Creating a Data Flow task

  1. Click on the “Data Flow” task in the Visual Studio Package.dtsx design window.

Data Flow Task

2. My SQL DB Contact table has got the following schema & data.

SQL Contact Table

3. Drag a ADO.NET Source and provide the Contoso DB Connection and a SQL Script.

ADO.NET Source

4. Then Add a Dynamics CRM OptionSet Mapping component to the package to map the Marital Status field values.

Option Set Mapping

5. Finally add a Dynamics CRM Destination component.

Dynamics CRM Destination

6. The final package will look something like this:

Final Package

Step 4: Execute the package

1. Run the package clicking the Start button.

Start Button

2. Once the package completes execution, it would display the.

Successful Package

Step 5 : Check Dynamics CRM Contact Entity

1. Browse to Dynamics CRM Contact entity and verify if the records are successfully migrated.

Contacts in CRM

About Dipankar Bhattacharya (59 Articles)
A multi-skilled Dynamics 365 Professional with strong experience in delivering IT projects especially across multiple industries. A Microsoft technology evangelist, a regular speaker at tech events, blogger and avid reader. Certified IT Architect and well versed in Solution Architecture of Business Applications using Microsoft platforms like Dynamics 365, Azure and Office 365.

5 Comments on Codeless Data Migration to Dynamics CRM using KingswaySoft

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  3. Mojahid Ali // May 22, 2015 at 2:59 PM // Reply

    Hi Dipankar,

    I am using the same tool for data migration from ms crm 2013 to ms crm 2015. I have user owned and team owned records. User owned records are migrating as is but Team owned records are assigned to user only.

    Please help.

  4. // May 31, 2016 at 10:41 AM // Reply

    Hello Dipankar,

    Can you please advise how to map source option set to target option set when the text values are the same, but the integer value below is different?

    SQLDB English (1), French (2)
    CRM English (800,000,001), French (800,000,002)

    I have my mapping as English – English and French – French, but it does not translate.

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