Dynamics CRM Free Add-ons
Multi Check-Box for Dynamics CRM 2013
MultiCheck-BoxforDynamicsCRM2013isadynamiccheckbox set (on a form) to associate and disassociate records of related entities in a quick and convenient way.This solution would be a probable fit if :

  • we would like to have a multi checkbox functionality on a form and don’t want to create a lot of dedicated checkbox entity fields for each an option
  •  we have Many-To-Many relationships and would like to associate / disassociate related records in a quick, convenient and flexible way using a set of appropriate checkboxes on a form.

Download Location : https://tunemulticheckbox.codeplex.com

CRM 2013 Quick View Menu
CRM 2013 Quick View Menu helps to navigate to any location in Dynamics CRM quickly and seamlessly by taking your existing Sitemap and presenting it in an easy to navigate interface. The menu currently comes with a Win 8 UI look & feel while also allowing you to provide additional resource and configuration settings.   Current Features:

  • Multi-browser support, tested in IE8+, IPad Safari, Chrome and FireFox
  • Configure Sitemap Area, Group and SubArea exclusions. (i.e. modify QuickViewMenuConfig.xml)
  • Resource management such as Sitemap item Title, Icon overrides. (i.e. modify QuickViewMenuResources.xml)
  • Win 8 UI look & feel.
  • Add/Remove Quick View Menu to/from the Sitemap easily from the Solution Configuration.
  • Horizontal Mouse Scroll.
  • Security – Enable/Disable if menu should only show buttons to user if they have read privilege to the entity

Download Location: http://crm2013quickviewmenu.codeplex.com

Easy Navigate
Easy Navigate is a solution that displaysallDynamicsCRM2013SiteMap on the same page. Users cancreateandeditownSitemap visualization.Download Location: https://easynavigate.codeplex.com 
Advanced Find on record forms for CRM 2013
This solution adds the Advanced Find button for new and existing records on all entities.Download Location: https://crmadvancedfind2013.codeplex.com/ 
CRM 2013 Duplicate Detection
Provides the ability to show potential duplicate records on the client side when creating or updating records.

  • Uses the native duplicate detection rules
  • Works on standard and Quick Create Forms
  • Not available for the tablet client
  • Configuration allows preventing save when potential duplicates exist

Download Location: https://crm2103dupedetect.codeplex.com

Dynamics CRM Bing Map custom Chart
Display locations for ANY entity on a Bing Map inside the Chart Pane. Seamless integration of Bing Maps into CRM. Any standard CRM view can display a chart with all address locations pinned on the map.Features:

  • Heat Maps
  • Now supports Custom Entities
  • Supports Custom Fields
  • Mapping based on Parent Entity values (lookup fields)
  • Address fields are now configurable on a map by map basis
  • Support for OptionSetValue and Lookup field values
  • Allows multiple maps per entity
  • Much more configuration options
  • Multi-language support

Download Location: http://crmmapchart.codeplex.com


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